Mr. Om Prakash Gupta
Founder and MD

Mr Om Prakash Gupta has been highly passionate for the dairy industry throughout his career. He completed his B. Tech. in Dairy Technology from CDFST Udaipur, Rajasthan (India) in 1991. After working for a few years at Baroda Dairy, life turned upside down when he met with an accident at the workplace, which pushed him back to his hometown, Jaipur. He always wanted to set up his factory, and this mishap turned up to offer the right time!

With massive support from friends and family, he was able to start to plan and execute the setup by August 1994, and then finally the first Ice Cream Cup was manufactured on 27th February 1995, under the brand name Omni Ice Cream.

Mr. R L Gupta

Mr. R L Gupta, father of Mr. Om Prakash Gupta, has been one of the strongest pillars from which Omni Ice Cream has got its constant strength. He has always backed Mr. Om Prakash in all his ups and downs, had been the wise consultant whenever in need, and has given his vital inputs from his huge professional experience of more than 50 years.

Mr R L Gupta has served the Government of India in the Department of Telecommunications (BSNL) for around 35+ years, and retired from the post of Chief Accounts Officer in 2004. After the retirement, he has been involved full time in his son's business, and has played a vital role in the manifold progress. His experience, wisdom and values are what have kept the company and the team move ahead day-by-day.

"Omni" in English means "Everywhere".

It must be a coincidence that the meaning of "Om-ni", in Gujarati, literally translates to "Om ki" in Hindi, or "Of Om" in English, inferring the brand Omni Ice Cream to be like a child of Mr Om Prakash Gupta.

He has never looked back since then. With a vision to provide with the best quality ice creams to the customers, he has always been in favour of manufacturing both Ice Creams and Frozen Desserts under the different brand names.

In his words,
"We will never sell a Frozen Dessert in the name of Ice Cream. Ice Creams are dairy-fat based, while Frozen Desserts are vegetable-fat based. As per the FSSAI norms, both can't be considered the same, therefore it becomes our responsibility to serve our customers only after they are confident on what they are having."

However, to meet the requirements where the Indian Ice Cream market is shifting towards more Frozen Dessert consumption in rural areas because of the comparatively lower cost, he decided to launch a new brand by the name "O'Cool."

Along with the in-depth knowledge of the dairy industry, he also has a vast interest in all the other domains of science, engineering and technology. Whatever be the problem, he always has a solution. From being the ideal boss to being a great leader, he always keeps the team motivated to work correctly to provide with the best product a customer can have.