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  • Omni Icecream bags four Awards

    Omni Ice Craem bagged 4 awards in THE GREAT INDIAN ICE CREAM CONTEST 2010...

  • OMNI Ice Cream bags 4 medals...

    Dear Friends...

    OMNI Ice Cream, the premium ice cream brand, has won 4 awards with 2 SILVER & 2 BRONZE medals, in "THE GREAT INDIAN ICE CREAM CONTEST 2010".

    This contest was organised for the third time in the country, conducted by IDA (Indian Dairy Association) in association with DANISCO. OMNI Ice Cream won 4 awards with SILVER medal each in VANILLA FROZEN DESSERT & PREMIUM ICE CREAM with FRUIT INCLUSION category, and BRONZE medal each in STANDARD CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM & CHOCOLATE FROZEN DESSERT.


  • OMNI ICE CREAM, now on FB

    Hey everyone,

    OMNI ICE CREAM is now on FACEBOOK... 

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